Professional Cabinet Assembly

We offer Customer specific and Design Planner based Professional Cabinet Assembly service, keeping Quality at its best.

Local Delivery / Drop Shipping

We do Local Delivery and also offer drop shipping for our clients. Email or call us now for more details.

References for Professional Installers

At your will, we can also provide references for Professional Installers guaranteeing state-of-the-art Cabinet Fitting.

Handyman Outlet

This business was started due to wanting to help the local DIY person with their kitchen and/or bath projects.


I have well over 50+ years in building and remodeling business, I understand the pit falls doing DIY projects. I feel Handyman Outlet can offer quality advise on what to do, how to do-it, short cuts if any, cost saving ways to have a quality project when finished, plus longevity using quality cost saving products in the DIY kitchen and Bath projects.

The quality all wood cabinet lines we offer to the DIY customer are some of the finest cabinets we have come across in many years of customer installations.

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